12211 SE 59th St, #63, Bellevue, WA 98006  mlouns@surfquake.com  (206) 274-4679


Special Skills & Experience

                      3D Geometry Software Development             Research in Modeling, Games & Animation

                     Product development, testing & de-                          Prototyping of technology for

                     bugging; Attention to customer requests;            breakthrough surface design systems;

                     Team member, staged development;                  Innovation of 3D surface design methods;

                     Remote development experience                        Internal research reports

                      Intellectual Property                                      Software Development Environments

                     U.S. patents awarded & submitted;                    C#, Visual C++ on Microsoft Windows;

                     Competitors’ patents & software examined         SGI Irix;  C: BSD UNIX; Also XML, Lisp,

                     for legal loopholes or infringement                      Mathematica, Adobe PostScript, etc.

                      Customer Communications - Onsite visits       Geometric Representations

                     to Nintendo, Microsoft DirectX, Pixar,                 Surfaces: Polygon mesh, subdivision

                     Industrial Light & Magic, etc.; Discussed            surface, Bézier patch, NURBS surface

                     new software with designers from GM,                Curves: B-spline, Bézier, Hermite

                     Ford, BMW, Mattel, etc.                                   



·         Primary author of the hierarchical subdivision surface library at the core of the subdivision surface suite in Alias’s Maya modeling and animation system. These surfaces:

              May be targeted to the full suite of Maya’s texturing, rendering, and animation;

              Evaluate everywhere tangent-plane smooth except for user-defined sharp edges and points;

              Allow editing at arbitrary levels of detail;

              Tessellate into polygons according to user specifications; and

              Convert into NURBS format.

·         Created a polygon mesh library used for games tools in Alias’ Maya system. This library allows efficient access to adjacent faces, edges, and vertices, and supports efficient low-level mesh modification.

·         Filed several U.S. technology patents from research at Alias and Microsoft. Of these, four have been granted, one other is officially submitted to the U.S. Patent Office (details below).

·         Maintain numerous computer graphics industrial and academic contacts in the U.S., Canada, and Germany.

Work Experience

        Business owner, SurfQuake Inc., Bellevue, WA, 4/04 to date. Developed geometry library in conjunction with Solid Modeling Solutions.

        Developer, Microsoft, Redmond, WA, 6/02 to 3/04. Designed animation infrastructure for Windows developer design tools. Built 2D-3D extrusion tool. Interacted with Longhorn Windows development team.

        Senior Researcher & Developer, ALIAS, Seattle, WA & Toronto, ON, 1994 to 2002. From 2001 to 2002, worked on development of a breakthrough 3D surface design system targeted to the mass market. This system is intended to be a real-time 3D modeling tool that is aimed at nonprofessionals and therefore must be easy to use as well as fun.

                      From 1998 to 2001, provided the primary mathematical expertise to the team that introduced hierarchical subdivision surfaces into the Alias Maya platform.

                      From 1996 to 1998, researched and prototyped a variety of 3D geometry methods, including fast reconstruction of surfaces from 3D points, a subdivision surface editor, a wavelet method to compress motion capture data, and a method to reparametrize a polygonal mesh.

                      From 1994 to 1996, built a 3D polygonal mesh library for Alias Maya and a prototype mesh compression tool based on the wavelet theory developed in my dissertation research.

        Research Assistant, Department of Computer Science, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Seattle, WA, 1987 to 1994. Developed new form of wavelets and multiresolution analysis that may be applied to surfaces of arbitrary genus; wavelet-based algorithms permit efficient compression of polygonal and subdivision surfaces. Researched and analyzed parametric surface interpolation techniques for 3D surface modeling. Applied numerical optimization techniques to form the shape with the best appearance for the design constraints.

        Summer Intern, Electronic Data Systems, Bellevue, WA, Summer 1990. Developed techniques for efficient data reduction of B-spline curves used in 3D computer surface modeling for automobile design and manufacturing. Developed and tested a technique to describe a shape using a minimum number of points.

        Teaching Assistant, Department of Computer Science, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Seattle, WA, 1984 to 1986. Taught undergraduate Computer Science classes in Data Structures, Introductory Computer Theory and Introductory Programming.

        Student Intern, IBM, Bethesda, MD, 1983 to 1984. Studied techniques of hardware synchronization with IBM Research Fellow Dr. Harlan D. Mills. Wrote programs that tested theoretical models of hardware synchronization.

U.S. Patents

Issued:  No. 6,858,202, Conversion of a hierarchical subdivision surface to NURBS, with co-inventor      Steve Teodosiadis, Granted 02/2005.

          No. 6,850,638, System for naming faces and vertices in an adaptive hierarchical subdivision surface, sole inventor, Granted 02/2005.

          No. 6,553,337, Parametrization of Subdivision Surfaces, sole inventor, Granted 04/2003.

          No. 6,130,673, Editing a Surface, with co-inventor Kari Pulli, Granted 10/2000.

        Pending:  Color Gradient Paths, co-inventor with several others.

Journal Articles, Conference Papers, Book Contributions, & Technical Reports

        Hierarchical Editing of Subdivision Surfaces,” Technical Report UW-CSE-97-04-07, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Seattle, WA, 4/97. Co-authored with Kari Pulli.

        Multiresolution Analysis for Surfaces of Arbitrary Topological Type.” ACM Transactions on Graphics, pp. 34-73, January 1997. Co-authored with A. DeRose and J. Warren.

        Multiresolution Analysis of Arbitrary Meshes,” pp. 173-182, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 1995. Co-authored with M. Eck, A. DeRose, T. Duchamp, H. Hoppe, and W. Stuetzle.

        “An Overview of Parametric Scattered Data Fitting,” IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, pp.45-52, Vol. 12, No. 5, 9/92. Co-authored with S. Mann and A. DeRose.

        “A Survey of Parametric Surface Fitting Using Triangular Interpolants,” Chapter 8, pp. 145-172, in Curve and Surface Design, edited by H. Hagen, SIAM, 1992. Co-authored with S. Mann, C. Loop, D. Meyers, J. Painter, A. DeRose, and K. Sloan.

        “A Tutorial Introduction to Blossoming,” pp. 267-286, in Geometric Modeling, Methods and Applications, edited by H. Hagen & D. Roller, Springer-Verlag, 1991. Co-authored with A. DeRose and R. Goldman.

        “A Testbed for the Comparison of Parametric Surface Methods,” in Curves and Surfaces in Computer Vision and Graphics, Leonard A. Ferrari & Rui J.P. de Figueiredo, editors, SPIE Proceedings, Vol. 1251, pp. 94-105, 2/90. Co-authored with C. Loop, S. Mann, D. Meyers, J. Painter, A. DeRose & K. Sloan.


                    Papers Committee Member and Session Chair, SIGGRAPH 1999, Los Angeles, CA, 8/99.

        Reviewer for ACM SIGGRAPH, IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, ACM OOPSLA and SIAM publications on computer-aided geometric design.


        Invited Speaker, Seminar, “Subdivision in Geometric Modeling & Computer Graphics,” Dagstuhl, Germany, 2/2000.

        Course Co-presenter, “Subdivision for Modeling and Animation,” ACM SIGGRAPH Conference, Orlando, FL, 7/98.

                      Invited Speaker, Seminar, “Hierarchical Methods in Computer Graphics,” Dagstuhl, Germany, 5/98.

        Course Co-presenter, “Wavelets in Computer Graphics,” ACM SIGGRAPH Conference, Orlando, FL, 7/94.

        Mini-Symposium Speaker, “Multiresolution Polyhedra,” SIAM Conference on Geometric Design, Tempe, AZ, 11/93.

        Invited Speaker, “Multiresolution Polyhedra,” ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, Tempe, AZ, 11/93.

        Speaker, “A Survey of Triangular Parametric Surface Interpolation,” SIAM Conference on Geometric Design, Tempe, AZ, 11/91.

        Speaker, “A Testbed for the Comparison of Parametric Surface Methods,” SPIE Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics, Santa Clara, CA, 2/90.



        Ph.D., Department of Computer Science and Engineering, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Seattle, WA, 1994. Dissertation: Multiresolution Analysis for Surfaces of Arbitrary Topological Type. Advisor:  Professor Anthony D. DeRose.

        Master of Science, Computer Science, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Seattle, WA.

        Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, College Park, MD.


References available upon request